Thank you for supporting Waiuku Zero Waste. Please abide by the following guidelines.

Our business is a key hub of the Waiuku Industrial area. Our staff do their best to assist customers in a friendly, efficient and timely manner. We are grateful for your patience particularly during busy periods. We will not tolerate, however, any abusive behaviour toward our staff. If in the event you may be unhappy, firstly ask to speak to either the Shop or Yard supervisor, alternatively direct your complaint to: contact@waiukuzerowaste.co.nz.

No Smoking or Vaping permitted on site.

No Dogs permitted on site.

In the interests of personal safety please wear shoes while at the Junktion Shop and Yard.
Children must be supervised at all times.
The shop and the yard staff work closely together so we are able to accept shop donations at the yard.


Please supervise your children at all times. We ask that children do not play on items that are for sale.
Please wear footwear while shopping.
The sorting areas are for staff only, please do not walk through tape that separates these areas. Items in these areas are not for sale until in the shop.
If a shop item is not priced it will need to be returned to out sorting area for re pricing and will go back out into the shop in due course.


We ask that children under 14 years of age remain in the vehicle.
Please follow the directional arrows and signs.
If on foot please wait at the Portacom until our staff can assist you.
If in a vehicle , please wait at the STOP sign until our staff direct you to the appropriate area to dispose of waste. We will assist you with load disposal.
Please be aware our staff are unable to reverse your vehicle for you.
Please note we accept clean recycling which we charge for by volume. Orange rubbish bags can be dropped off for no charge.