We accept glass, paper, cardboard, cans and plastics 1 and 2 for recycling. You can find our fees here.

How to recycle properly:

  • Make sure your items have been washed (including pet food containers!)
  • We accept plastics 1 (clear bottles) and 2 (milk bottles and some janitorial bottles). We do not accept plastics 3-7 any longer.
  • If they’re crushable, they’re crushed (including beer cans)
  • Put items in the right bins. One wrongly placed bottle or window glass can ruin a whole container-load. Clear bottles only go with clear bottles. Green in the green container, brown and blue glass bottles go together into one bin, though.
  • Aluminium cans go in the ali bin, tin cans in the steel can bin.
  • We don’t take cling film, food wrappers or chippy packets.
  • ‘Paper’ can include egg cartons, fruit trays and single thickness cardboard items, like cereal boxes. Please don’t put plastic wrapped paper or metal bound paper items in this bin.
  • Cardboard is flattened and has no plastic, polystyrene or packing tape included.

If you need help with what goes in your council recycling bin, check their websites here: Auckland Council or Waikato Council

Recycling Bins Station