As you will have noticed all of our recycling is collected seperately as this makes them a more valuable commodity. 

Glass is recycled in New Zealand at OI in Auckland. It’s mainly turned into new bottles and jars. 

Paper and cardboard can be made into newsprint, writing paper, tissue, corrugated cardboard, egg cartons and fruit trays. 

Our plastic is sent to Reclaim in Auckland who then forward it in bulk to plastic recyclers in NZ and overseas to be made into just about anything plastic can be made in to, which is a lot! Buckets, polyester fibre and wheelie bins are just some of the new forms our plastic takes.

Aluminium is used to make new aerosol and drink cans, while steel is made into food cans, wire and building materials.

To see where your kerbside recycling goes and watch a video showing a materials recycling facility, have a look here: