Although we recycle everything we possibly can, some items still get sent to landfill.
We take rubbish that’s packaged in official Auckland City Council bags (Orange) – which are sold in most local dairies and supermarkets. There is no extra charge for these. No more than 3 bags in one load please.
We only accept Auckland Council rubbish bags. This is because, contractually, we don’t get money for receiving other, non-official rubbish bags.
Other bags are sold by private companies with all proceeds going to that company. 
The Auckland Council bags  are available to purchase from our ReUse shop on Site!
We also take car/trailer/van and ute loads of rubbish.
You can help us by loading up your trailer carefully. Steel and timber are seperated from any loads so please keep these seperated if you can. 
We also recommend loading re-useable items you would like to donate to our shop last – so that you can take it out first on arrival and ensure you’re not charged for it!